Michael Fuller

Serrated Scallorn point manufactured out of heated Crescent Chert. Length = 21.8 mm, width = 11.4 mm, thickness = 4.0 mm and weight = 0.94 grams.

The Meyers site (23JE14) is situated along a small tributary of the Mississippi River. It was registered with the Archaeological Survey of Missouri by Robert McCormick Adams and Frank Magre during the 1950s.. The site is on private property and not open to the public. Gary K., a resident of Jefferson County, kindly took me to the site, and allowed me to document a few of the diagnostic projectile points he found on the surface of the site.

Meyers site - 23JE14

Mississippian triangular point. Length approximately 26 mm and width approximately 9 mm.  [Photographed through display case glass.]

Triangular shaped, double-notched flake point out of Crescent Chert. Length = 15.4 mm, width = 12.8 mm, thickness = 2.2 mm and weight = 0.42 grams.

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Broken/blunted Scallorn point. Length = 20.2, width = 12.3 mm, thickness = 4.3 mm, and weight = 0.95 grams.

Resharpened Scallorn point. Length = 16.6 mm, width = 9.8 mm, thickness = 4.2 mm, weight = 1.01 grams.

Double notched flake point. [Photographed through display case glass.]

Mississippian triangular point. Length approximately 22 mm and width approximately 13 mm. [Photographed through a display case glass.]

Double notched Cahokia point with concave base. Length approximately 17 mm and width approximately 12 mm. [Photographed through a display case glass.]

Ovoid shaped flake point. Length = 20.7 mm, width = 15.7 mm, thickness = 3.8 mm, and weight = 1.08 grams.