Michael Fuller

Stone die from Field C, Area 13, Locus 13116, Basket no. C13.126, and Reg. no. 7.3.10. Excavated during 1974 field season. 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.3 cm. Associated pottery included Byzantine, Middle Byzantine, and Late Byzantine. Photo no. C74 13510

Bone die from Field K, K2.185 during 1979 field season.

Gaming piece (Backgammon draught?) from Field A, A5.189 during 1976 field season.

 Black die (ebony?) from Field H, Area 1, Locus 1050, basket no. H.1.0. Found during balk removal during 1974 field season. measures 1.1 cm. sq. Associated pottery included Byzantine and Late Byzantine sherds. Photo no. C78.13-25A

Die from Caesarea

Bone die from Field C, Area 21, Basket no. C21.66, and reg. no. 6.13.15. Found during the 1978 field season. Associated with Byzantine and Late Byzantine pottery sherds. Photo C78.13.25A

Bone die from Field G, Area 11, Locus 11016, Basket no. G.11.106, and reg. no. 7.14.4. Found during the 1980 field season. Measures 1.0 cm. sq. Associated with Roman, Early Roman, Middle Roman, and Byzantine sherds. Half of a lamp and 1/3 of a second lamp were also found in association. Photo C80 - 218:5.

Bone gaming piece (pawn?) from Field A, Area 1, Locus 1083, Basket no. A.1.21, and reg. no. 5.26.1. Excavated during the during 1972 field season. Height = 2.4 cm and base diameter = 2.8 cm. Associated with Middle Byzantine pottery and Late Byzantine pottery sherds; the majority were LByz. Photo no. not recorded.

Stick form die from Field G, G18.239 during 1984 field season. (Obverse and reverse of the same artifacts.

Game related artifacts from the Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritime excavated by Dr. Bob Bull, Drew University during the 1970s.

Bone die (found in 3 pieces) from Field G, Area 10, Locus 10048, basket no. G.10.257, and reg. no. 7.7.1. Found during the 1980 field season. Preserved portion measures 2.2 x 2.1 x 1.5 cm. Associated with Byzantine, Cypriot Red Slip ware, and Africa Red Slip ware pottery sherds. Photo C80-221:7

Bone die from Field G, Area 10, Locus 10065, basket no. G10.205, and reg. no. 6.24.1. Found during 1980 field season in association with Byzantine and Late Byzantine pottery. Measures 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.3 cm. Photo no. C80 - 207:16.

Bone die from Field K, K2.205 during 1979 field season.

Broken die from Field G, G5.42 found during the 1976 field season.