Michael Fuller

Kimmswick Footprint site

Limestone Cliff near Kimmswick in Jefferson County, MO. The white stake (or the right side of the photograph) indicates the original position of the footprint. Copied from  Bushnell (1913: 12 - 13, Plate 1B). 

David I. Bushnell removed a footprint on 26 Aug 1901 from the bluff above Saline soda spring between Kimmswick and the Mississippi River. It was cut from the upper exposed surface of the bluff. He reported that a slab with footprints from Jefferson County had been cut and shipped to Berlin.

Bushnell, David I.

1901 Notebook no. 2. [manuscript on file at Peabody Museum, Harvard University.]

1913 Petroglyphs Representing the Imprint of the Human Foot. American Anthropologist 15(1): 8-15.