Michael Fuller

Hart's Bay is a stunning petroglyph site situated on south side of the island of St. Kitts. The boulder measures 3.8 meters tall from its top edge down to the base. Scale is 50 cm. Photographed March 2018 on a visit the site with Daygon, Kate Orchard and Neathery Fuller.

Smaller boulder on edge of the sea. Scale is 50 cm. Weathering has made it more difficult to recognize the petroglyphs on this boulder. We need to return to this boulder at low tide. 

Hart's Bay Petroglyph Site, St. Kitts

Rephotograph of the main boulder during a visit to the site on 28 February 2022 with Kate Orchard, and Bruno Garden. Neathery Fuller stayed with the cars because the rocky beach is hard on ankles, knees, and shoes. 

C. W. Branch had published photographs of a smaller boulder on the edge of the sea that was decorated with the motifs (like the larger boulder that we relocated in 2018. This photograph was taken by Kate Orchard.

Closeup of some of the petroglyphs on the left side of the Hart's Bay Panel. This petroglyph is composed of three parts. The lower half (with 2 stripes) measures 20 cm in length and each stripe is 3 cm wide. The central portion with four dots measures 19 cm tall and 20 cm. wide. The top portion of this petroglyph meausres 16 cm in height. Next to the large petroglyph is a small round face formed from three equal size dots inside an oval measuring 9 cm wide and 6 cm in height. Scale is 50 cm.

Hart' Bay petroglyph site was photographed in 1896 and published by C. W. Branch in the American Anthropologist (Branch 1907:Plate XXIVc).

Hart' Bay small boulder was photographed in 1896 at low tide that made it easier to approach and study (Branch 1907:Plate XXIVd).